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Some Loyalty Platform Users:

Car Dealers

Car dealers have unique issues that I have found very interesting.  I have taken great consideration in providing solutions for the automotive industry.  The NADA has provided much information and i Read More


Realtors have unique issues in selling real estate.  They can act as buyer representatives or seller representatives, or sometimes both.  They use online advertisement as well as offline advertiseme Read More

Auto Parts Stores

A good auto parts store grows on a person - home mechanics as well as professionals with their own auto repair shop.  But there is a lot of competition in this marketplace now.  And with the economy Read More

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are big business with big competition.  The major players in the marketplace already have loyalty established.  There is good reason why.  A good loyalty program brings people back m Read More

Gas Stations

Gas stations rely on location as much as anything for their marketing.  But if you can give a customer a reason to drive up to your pumps rather than the station across the street, you can make a dif Read More


Restaurants normally have a lot of competition locally.  Why not show your loyal customers you care; and give them a reason to come into your restaurant more often AND tell their friends about you as Read More

Retail Stores

Clothing stores and other retail stores need steady customers like everyone else.  And Christmas and the months before is their biggest time of the year.  This is a great opportunity to build your l Read More

Golf Courses

Golf is an addictive sport.  If you play it you want to play it more often; and you will play whenever you have a chance.  Do you want these golfers going to another course.  Why not show them how Read More

Hair and Nail Solons

Hair and Nail Salons rely on repeat business from loyal customers.  There is no reason to let the competition have an edge to take your customers.  Show your loyal customers just how important they Read More

Pizza Parlors

Pizza Parlors are great examples of marketing.  What if I could show you how to cut your marketing costs and still maintain your volume?  Local Loyalty is made just for you. The trend of people e Read More

Flower Shops

Flowers are big business these days; but, as with so many other market niche, it can be a struggle competing in a complicated and scary economy.  People are pinching pennies; and you need to show the Read More

Dental Care

Dentist | Dental CareRead More


Chiropractors are like many small local businesses in that need new customers, in this case patients, from time to time.  We have found that the best way to do that is to get satisfied patients to ta Read More

Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners rely on repeat business from loyal customers. There is no reason to let the competition have an edge to take your market share. Show your loyal customers just how important they are to yo Read More

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